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About Us

Looking to learn more about us and our business?


Meet the owners

Chanice developed her love of caffeine at a young age and it manifested into a beautiful love affair over the years, so it only made sense to have a place where people could share that same love. She is also a huge Friends fan and the thought of having her own 'Central Perk' where she and her friends could hang out is what motivated the opening of The Bernese Barista! When she isn't enjoying a tea or a mocha you can likely catch her watching a Disney movie with her siblings.

Victoria loves cafe-hopping around different cities, but has always hated leaving her dog Koda behind. The Bernese Barista was born to keep owners and their dogs experiencing life together! In her free time, Victoria enjoys doing photoshoots with Koda, travelling, and hopes to visit South East Asia to eat all the Tropical fruit she can!

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