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FAQs & house rules

Please make sure you understand our house rules when coming in!

What if my dog doesn't like other dogs? Can I still bring them to The Bernese Barista?

We want to keep a safe and welcoming environment for our guests. So we encourage all our guests and dogs to be kind to one another. Check out our house rules before visiting our shop!


1. Always ask before petting!

2. Shots, Shots, Shots! All dogs must be fully vaccinated.

3. Accidents happen, but please clean up after your dog. Outside bathroom breaks are always a good idea!

4. Be a good guest! In order to maintain a fun and safe space for all our guests, any dangerous dogs will be asked to leave.

5. Keep it classy. Humping is discouraged, if things are getting out of hand, we kindly ask you to put your dog back on a leash.

6. Don't forget about hormones! Unaltered dogs (especially female dogs in heat) can cause conflict between other dogs.

7. Parents and guardians are responsible for monitoring their children at all times. Children may not sit on the floor or put their face in a dog's face. Not all dogs like children.

8. Owners are responsible for any injury or damage caused by their dog.

9. Bite-sized snacks and training treats are welcome, however, be cautious about long-lasting chews. Do not leave food items on the ground!

10. The Bernese Barista is for paying customers with furry friends, no outside food or drinks are permitted.

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