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Looking for a place to host your own doggy birthday parties or events?


-1 Bag of Big Dawg Treats

-5 Drinks

-10 Pup Cups

Whether it's a birthday party, gotcha-date, or just because, you can host your very own doggy party at The Bernese Barista! Booking is only available 7 days in advance.

Note: If online booking does not work, please DM us on Instagram to make a reservation!

During this time we are still open for take-out only to the general public. Ask us for pricing on closure to the public/no take-out.

We provide a small happy birthday banner, otherwise, you would need to provide your own decorations if you wish.

*Disclaimer* hosts and dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog(s) if any messes are made. We have poop bags and deodorizing spray available at our clean up station.


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